Friday, June 20, 2014

A Divine Journey

As soon as I read the topic, my mind began reeling through all of the trips I have had, and I have enjoyed. The usual trips I have enjoyed have been to Kerala, as my grandparents are settled there; but then there have been some awesome ones to the north as well. But something to blog about, and something new, and something different and unique. I know just the trip I must write about.

The best trips are the ones which are the most impromptu. So, last March, I was just through with some exams, and there was Holi coming up, and holidays! With no existing plans, and an empty head, I was just looking for some place to visit, when my dad came up with a cracker! That night, we packed stuff, tried to force mother to come along, and then with a sly smile slept off, thanking the Lord profusely.

The next day we were off to a destination, which in our last trip had given a lot to cherish- Nathdwara. Located in Rajasthan, this place is a holy destination and one of my favorites.

It was peak season, but still we had somehow managed to procure tickets, accommodation and all of those things we require for a short trip. As most people would say, including me, such a trip would be one of the most boring things to blog about. I would usually do that, but not this trip.

This was one of the most divine experiences and one of the best Holis I would have enjoyed till that day in life. The holy gulaal which had minutes ago been used on the idols of Lord, was thrown into the crowd which was swaying like a flower in the wind. Some experiences cannot be explained and felt by just the use of words, and this was one of them. Unique in itself, the scene left me mesmerized completely, the red of the gulaal lining my face, as the people around me climbed onto the barriers to get a single glimpse of the idol. Such was the glory of the stationary deity.

Another of the classic experiences occurred on the journey back home. Finally exasperated by the chatter of the other people around, and tired after the long day, I got onto the berth only to find it coated with a thick layer of dust. Complaints to the ticket checker were to no avail, and with anger boiling in me, I stood at the door, the cool air blowing into my face.

Much to the surprise of my dad and my fellow passengers, I walked the length of the platform and made a complaint to the station master to have my berth cleaned. Even I didn’t know I followed such rules and protocol, not at that time. Looks of shock greeted me as I reached back to my seat, and as I told them what I had done, they were shocked and at first believed (a part of me did too) that there would be no action taken. But then it took place, and I got a clean place to sleep.

Here are some images of what usually takes place during Holi at Nathdwara.
PS: The place is visited by people from all over the nation, and people of all castes, creed, and religions and they all live in harmony and without sharing a bad word over any discrepancies. The place is one of the few which works to join millions of hearts together. The trip was a real #JodeyDilonKo experience for me.

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