Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Its a Love Story

Never before we had met,
Never had I seen what it felt,
When the smile curved the lips,
And yet I smiled when he did.

Coyly we glanced,
Coyly we talked,
Words kept coming,
As hand in hand we walked.

A million thoughts, a million dreams,
I had dreamt of this moment before,
And yet the moment our eyes met,
I felt like all the stars were burning alive.

This was so different, so special,
It had happened never,
I wanted it to keep going,
To live in the moment forever.

And yet I knew what begins,
Will one day has to end,
Nothing is meant to stay forever,
But sometimes forever is now.

The hand slipped away,
To be far away from mine,
He didn’t look back once,
Nor did he check if I was fine

The heart bled incessantly,
The tears didn't stop at all
Why did Destiny play so foul,
Couldn't fairy tales forever last?

It was catastrophe,
It was complete disaster,
I had give him my reigns,
But he had been a bad master.

Silly heart still cares,
It still waits for the one,
Who ruthlessly threw it apart,
And I still wait for him to come.

The heart still waits,
The heart still weeps,
Why did he have to come,
If he wasn’t for keeps.

Life takes us through lanes,
There are too many bends,
Maybe this isn't the end,
Because epilogues still exist.

I had to get up,
I had to be strong,
I needed a support,
But I couldn’t use the mocking throng

Sometimes, it is hard to walk,
I feel I cannot think,
I find it hard to blink,
But somehow time still ticks.

The wall stood there,
It didn’t even try to shift,
I had to use it to get my feet,
And make sure I didn’t again ever drift.

For times longer than eternity,
I have now been standing here,
No one ever came to ask,
No one but me mourned the loss.

I wished I hadn’t loved,
I wish I hadn’t cared,
If I’d known love would hurt so much,
I wouldn’t have even dared.

Yet I don't regret the memories,
Which I have managed to steal,
The beauty of the journey traversed,
Is sometimes better than the end we meet.

The only way out,
Isn’t to not get in,
Just offload the bad stuff,
And throw it in the bin.

I am done with my past,
No longer shall I hurt,
The rain washed away my pain,
As the sun shone down on me.

My smile returned,
And my heart danced with elation,
A happy future was all that mattered,
'Cause now I didn’t care about that old relation.

Some stories didn't end,
With the notes of "happy ever after",
But still they weave their love,
Because hearts are meant to hurt.

PS: This is post is written with Shruti Fatehpuria of A Shade of Pen. We have worked together to coin this rhyme. Shruti started it, and she was the one to complete it (TV serial style :P). Great working with you dude (ROFL).


  1. Lovely work by both of you... Lyrical, insightful and great! :)

  2. Awwwww! Beautifully penned work, Mone.

    "I am done with my past,
    No longer shall I hurt,
    The rain washed away my pain,
    As the sun shone down on me."

    Random thoughts are simply flying through your thoughts! :D
    Keep up the good work! :)

    1. That was one of Shruti's :P ;)
      Glad you liked it da :D

  3. HOYE LE i loved writing thissssss... we should write more.. oh sorry.. error.. we will write more :*

    lots more in fact..

    I will comment again and that time it will be a longer and fatter comment :D

    1. Me toooo :*
      We'll keep writing :D :P
      Meri itni comment kaafi hai...still bigger than usual :P :P

    2. thank god. there's no keep visiting ma'am :P naai to u know what would i have done :P

    3. What you'd do? :P
      I'm not scareddd :P :P

  4. Lovely! Great tuning between you two :)