Wednesday, June 18, 2014

All In Or Nothing

There I lay alone,
In the middle of the night,
As the clock ticked,
Slow as a snail,
When she asked,
A difficult riddle,
With my anger that did fiddle,
And all I said was…

Treading you are,
On dangerous grounds,
Isn’t answered by words,
What you ask,
But by heart truly,
Which says out aloud.

Football is life,
The eternal love,
Football is peace,
The equal white dove.

Football runs through,
It’s in the blood,
Football is forever,
From the blooming flower,
To even the tiniest bud.

Football is religion,
It makes us all one,
Football is everywhere,
And it leaves out none.

Football is fun,
Played and even when seen,
Football resides in all,
It’s just hidden within.

It’s just not a game,
And it’s never about fame,
Football is everything,
So it’s all in or nothing.

She didn’t reply,
And I just laughed,
I stole this heartily,
I framed it readily,
Though she didn’t understand,
Not a word comprehend,
She smiled and agreed,
That football was it all.

The friend in question who inspired me to do this post is a fellow blogger, Aayesha. Thank you for asking me this, and giving me the push.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks brother...glad you liked it :D

  2. From one football lover to another - Spectacular, bro!

  3. Goon one :)

    1. Thank you Ma'am...glad you liked it :D :)

  4. Yay! I like the tag at the end! :D And of course the poem!
    Keep chit chatting with me, for more such 'pushes'! :P ;)

    1. Will of course keep talking..the pushes are needed you know ;) :P
      Glad you liked the poem :D :)