Friday, June 6, 2014

Vacation Tales

There it was. The end of it all. The end of the exams. Now would be the time to rejoice, to enjoy, to write, to blog, and to see movies.  I was sure that these vacations would be better than the last, as I had a new friend, a new member in my house. I would enjoy the coming days like never before. Come whatever may.

As I settled into the bus to make my way home, the dread of the last vacations came back to me in a flood.

Opening the door with my key, I hurriedly dropped off my shirt and raced to my room, throwing my bag on the sofa. Absent-mindedly, I pushed the button on the CPU of my PC to make it start, and went off to the kitchen to retrieve a cold bottle of water. Drinking half of it in a single gulp, I noticed that it wasn’t as cold as it should have been. Drops of water had condensed on the outside of the bottle and as I noticed that there was a power cut, I swore loudly and threw the bottle on the floor.

Picking my bag from the bed, I searched its bowels to retrieve my prehistoric phone. With it came my handicapped earphones, which did not provide me any sound in the right ear. The battery was taking its last breaths when the electricity came on, and as I connected the charger, I realized it wasn’t working as it usually did. A half dead earphone, power cuts, and an injured charger. There wasn’t a chance for any more bad to take place. I still had my PC.

No. I didn’t. Repeated cursing, abusing and even careful tampering with the antique didn’t work out, and that was the end of the fun, that too on the day vacations began. So ironic!

A bump on the road brought me back from the last vacations. This torture had gone on the whole vacation, and I was stuck with nothing to do, except crib, and shout and sweat in the heat. Oh God!

As the bus came to a halt near my house, I got down and walked to my house, waiting to kick off these vacations on a high, with a lot of fun, and more to come.

As usual, the water on the outside of the bottle troubled me and tortured me, but then, I smiled.

“Nothing can go wrong! I have my new friend,” I thought to myself.

Dropping my bag in the same place as the last vacations, I stomped off to my cupboard and retrieved it. This was it!

Grey, and new, the screen shone like a mirror and I could see the large smile on my face in it. As I switched it on, the logo in white shone in my eyes, and I looked at it with pride- ASUS. Taking my earphones, I swiped my way to the music player and they began blaring my favorite songs, exactly the way I liked them.

As I opened the web browser to enjoy the latest news of the football transfer season, I realized that the wifi was off, all thanks to the absence of electricity. But hey, who cares!

Moving to my dormant PC, I pulled out my portable hard disc which contained all of my favorite movies and shows. The last Game of Thrones episode was remaining, and with an indifference to the sweat trickling down my brow, I connected my hard disc to the Transformer using the 3.0 USB socket and watched the suspense reveal itself.

An hour later, the sweat had all evaporated, the electricity coming on finally, maybe after realizing it couldn’t stop me from enjoying, and here I was, with a fresh idea in mind. As I switched off the video player, my songs began playing automatically as was set by me, and my legs started catching the beats.

Taking the dock which allowed me to type with the fluency my PC keyboard allowed me, I began writing, and browsing through some synonyms when my mind failed to pick some words up. With the offline and online options of the thesaurus of MS Word, I managed to enjoy the feel of proper blogging on this wonder device.

Connecting automatically to my wifi, my ASUS T100 retrieved my social networking options, and allowed to enjoy a live video chat with my editor, as he explained all the changes needed in my writing. As we talked, I slowly shifted from the chat to the browser and posted the new write up I just wrote.

“How the hell did you post this now,” my friend asked on the chat.

“I got an ASUS T100 bro; this allows me to work with various apps at the same time!”

“Doesn’t it hang? My tab does that man, its damn annoying.”

“Throw your tab into the sea man! This has a 2 GB RAM kid!”

“I got that much in my PC. Technology is sure working too fast for us to keep up.”

ASUS is man, not the whole world maybe. They are forever in the search of the incredible, and the Transformer is seriously incredible.”

The connection got cut off all of a sudden and I realized that it was an error from my friend’s side. Minutes later, I got a text that his tab had just fallen ill, and he would need to get it repaired.

Smiling to myself, I looked at my ASUS T100 with pride. This was it. The ultimate. I was holding it right in my hands. I was hooked. Completely.

There was always something I could do with my T100. No, could is the wrong word, I always had something to do with my T100. My world had been made easier, and I was always had something to do on the move.

Morning I wrote,
Afternoon I read,
The screen remained on the full day,
But Transformer didn’t fall dead.

Movies and videos,
Even songs blaring,
I can check my friends’ statuses,
And even do some image sharing.

A hard disc connected,
Opens the whole world to me,
Give me the detachable dock,
A wifi and leave me be.

With Video calling,
And the Windows eight point one,
Incredible is what is this,
And can be matched by none.

ASUS is the best,
It’s come from the future,
It has no competitors,
‘Cause in the business it’s the teacher.

Rhymes are good,
To end a blog post,
This one made some sense,
So let’s raise a toast.

The incredible,
It’s the best there is,
And that’s not said by the gullible.

Spontaneous was the rhyme,
I didn’t think of going so long,
I must end right now,
Or it will be a wrong.

This is how the ASUS Transformer T100 keeps me hooked to itself. There isn’t a moment I’m away from it, and there isn’t a moment when it disappoints me by showing a bug or problem in itself. To know more about the ASUS Transformer T100 and to end your search of the incredible, click here ( You are bound to get hooked, I must say.

This post is written for the Time to Transform Contest by in partnership with ASUS.


  1. A rather long prologue before you finally opened the ASUS chapter... but interestingly written. All the best for the contest!

    Arvind Passey

  2. wow we are dependent on electricity and our gadgets huh? such is life! This new ASUS Transformer T100 sounds interesting

    1. Yes, we are always dependent on the gadgets which make life simpler and more fun and the T100 is really something good :)

  3. That bit about Watsapp gave me some smiles.... :)

  4. Really very interesting couldn't stop me reading till end