Thursday, June 19, 2014

Future of the Nation


In a shocking revelation yesterday, The K-Factor, along with its faithful correspondent Anil Krishnanunni, has revealed the latest technique being used by the Kerala government in order to better their unemployment records.

Kerala is one of the most literate states, only passed by Mizoram late last year, but their record in employment levels is not up to the mark. Even with such a high level of literacy, the state faces the maximum unemployment level in the nation, and in a bid to alter these figures, the government has taken shocking steps.

Along with unemployment, the state faces the most crimes as well, even with rape cases being filed by the dozen in Uttar Pradesh, which is a shame in itself. The government has now decided that smuggling and thievery are to be taken as professional jobs, as is seen in this image from a 6th grade grammar textbook.

When asked about this issue, the ruling government has said that this is a move to better their state’s record, and they are trying to kill 2 birds with one stone.

“We wish to better our state in comparison with our opponents (read Gujarat) and their leaders (read Narendra Modi). They established themselves by coming out of a national calamity, but now, crime is something bad too. So we have decided to establish smuggling and thievery as legal jobs. By this, we will catch them easily, and we can impose taxes on the thieves and export and import duties on the smugglers. Thus our state shall develop.”

No experts have been available for comments on this as they are busy laughing at this foolhardy technique, that is being used to eradicate shift crime.

There is speculation that the insertion of this in the textbook was to make sure that smugglers and thieves are respected in all cycles of society and life  from a young age and that they do not face any jeopardy or taboo later in life.

Photo Credits: Anil Krishnanunni

PS: This post has been written for entertainment and is not supposed to harm any political, religious, national, or state sentiments. This is only a trial to hurt the bad sentiments in you and to make you laugh out loud, or here, even think about the future of the nation.

PPS: Apologies for the bad image quality. The images have been taken from Macmillan’s Grammar book for 6th Graders. The book is part of the CBSE teaching methods, but it has been modified for fictitious purposes.