Friday, June 6, 2014

Diary of A Technoholic Blogger

The clock chimed as my eyes slowly fluttered open, the light coming in through the open window making my eyes retract together again without a second thought. I rolled over and got to my feet, my brain gathering back all the thoughts of the past night, and all the ideas I had to finish writing on.

This is where it all begins, and comes together. The thoughts all returned as I flipped open my ASUS T100 and began to read from the notes I had gathered the previous night. Keeping the Transformer on the side, I rolled over and rubbed my eyes to make the sleep disappear. I yawned and decided to not get up for another hour.

Taking the dock, the other half of the T100, I attached them together, and began on my first article of the day. The inclusion of Microsoft Office software makes it all the more easier, and makes me enjoy the same experience of writing as I usually do with my PC. Well, Eminem in the background along with MS Word does make the train of thoughts run a bit faster.

As the clock chimed the new hour, the human in me signaled the blogger to change into a civilized being from the lazy bed-ridden writer. The heart didn’t want to part with the early morning rap, so there came off the dock and on the ledge stood my T100, singing and shouting in the voice of Eminem.

“I’m not afraid…”

Vacation days, with the time passing with the speed of a sloth, are the most boring, yet the best to write as much as the heart wants. The absence of stress and tension allows the mind to rush through ideas and the words come directly from the heart. Simple as this is, it does make living without technology feel like being handicapped. But yet, there are those chores to do during the admission process, and as a 17 year old, I must work on them too.

Racing in the sun throughout the day to obtain a good admission is one of the most boring jobs, but it is necessary. Am I not contradicting my own sentence now?

But not with the T100 in my hand. Music blaring in my ears, I settled into the back of the car, the words now pouring onto the screen with my fingers deftly tapping on the screen of the T100. As I stared out of the window, I wondered if this really was the best creation of technology.

But then hey, I forgot to tell you how and when I shifted to this new product from ASUS from my Samsung Tablet!

Some months ago, there I was, slouched in front of the computer screen as my mother called me repeatedly for lunch. An idea lay at the tips of my fingers, and as mother went on to threaten me about not giving me food, I succumbed to the fact that my stomach couldn’t stay empty, and even though mom didn’t mean it, I had to get up and go.

An hour later, my stomach was full, but my brain had emptied itself of the idea I had had. I surfed around, looking for something to write about, when I came across the T100. The next day, I went off with mom and dad, and got it home.

Shifting from a tablet and the PC, combined, to the T100 was the easiest thing ever. I just had to unplug my portable hard disc and connect it into the USB 3.0 socket in my new T100, and shift the memory card from my Samsung Tab to this one, and woohoo! It was ready for immediate use.

So today here I was, hooked already to a new gadget. Technology really is a bit too addictive, isn’t it?

With the impeccable 10 inch screen size, this new innovation touched my heart. My brain now rested in an odd sleep, trying to get some words about all the moving objects but they had no wish to come. Realizing that my brain now needed to rejuvenate and refill its ideas and remake some new permutations and combinations with words, I opened the best way to have the input- reading books.

The Windows 8.1 operating system is the best of its kind, and it shifted easily from MS Word to the file manager and opened the latest book of my collection on my command. The day went on, with the list of activities I did on my T100 going on increasing. As I stepped home finally, a tiring quarter of a day later, the low battery sign came on. It was around 10 hours since I last charged it, and again the T100 had proved its superiority over its competitors. With a massive battery life which lasted around 11 complete hours, this Transformer tablet was and is completely a wonderful creation of the lord, or shall we say ASUS.

The day ended as the sun fell prey to the lingering darkness, but my day wasn’t over yet. Reading blog posts of the idols I followed and of the friends who always taught me something remained, as did my personal brainstorming session and the late night vacation entertainment.

The clock ticked and as all the three hands met at the top of the round time display, I slowly closed down the browser, and also all the other applications running together in the massive 2 GB RAM of the T100. It was time for some entertainment! Taking my external hard disc which would be connected via the USB 3.0 port, I flipped to my movie collection, and watched till my eyes drooped and the envelope of darkness covered me from head to toe.

This was my experience with the ASUS Transformer T100 which ends the search for the most incredible device which combines the feel of a laptop with the easy handling of a tablet, all at the cheapest rate of Rs. 30,000. This device keeps you hooked with a new all-round experience of technology. With music, movies, books, and writing and many more activities to be performed, this fabulous-tablet is the future. To know more about this wonder developed by ASUS, you can click here (

This post is written for the Time to Transform Contest by in partnership with ASUS.


  1. Wow! Nice and creative way of describing how the T100 would work for you. All the best for the contest.

    1. Thank you Sir, Glad you liked it :)
      Keep visiting..!!