Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tech Tools For Teaching

The next generation is smarter, in all ways as we can see. I have seen kids shun books, and even the toys like Lego which I personally enjoyed in my childhood, and even do now. But then how should these sharper minds be brought to use such that they grow and mature in the correct way to benefit themselves?

Technology. The simplest answer to everything in the current world is technology. The children have left the books, and now turned to games on their and their parents’ phones, and I-Pads, and Tablets and what not! Then why not make the correct use of this same technology to make the children develop in the right direction along with having the feeling of playing with technology?

So, my mother teaches mental math to 6 year olds, and with the vacation going on, I tagged along for one of her classes. Mental math class, that too after a long day at school. Phew! As the clock ticked on, and the end of the class neared, the noise levels kept rising in the kids, anticipating the hot meals and cartoons waiting at home.

But then 15 minutes from the end of the class, the students all sat down in an ordered manner and there was such a silence that the music blaring through my earphones was all that was heard through the class. Wonder took over me at this sudden change, and I saw that the children’s eyes were glued to video on the computer screen.

The next 15 minutes were the best part of the class as the children sang loud and at the end, they fought to hear another song. This was the magic of technology, and here, it was Geethanjali Videos, as my mother told me later.

After going through their Youtube channel, I came across some wonderful videos, and as I said before, this is a medium which can be used to educate children along with entertainment. Geethanjali Videos, as a channel, has videos ranging from tales of humor, to Aesop’s Fables, to stories which inculcate morals, and also the fairy tales which make the hearts of children dance with happiness.

Here are two of the videos, which children are bound to enjoy and love.

At the end, I must thank my mother for introducing me to this wonderful Youtube channel, and I wish it had been there at my age, though I enjoyed and still enjoy books and those games more.


  1. These videos are stress busters as well, I watch cartoons which I used to watch in my younger days as they are no longer available on TV.

    1. Ahh yes, very true. Even I do the same at times..:)


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