Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Candy Crush Rewards


IIM Ahmedabad has just had one of the students sign a blockbuster deal with CeeTee Group. This deal has shocked the whole of the nation, the world, and even the student, Alex Pandian Candy-ian himself. Alex was previously rejected though he finally ended up with the best job offer in the whole of the nation.

The Dean was the most surprised one, and has had his mustache shaved off due to this debacle. He later said, “I cannot believe that he was recruited, and such a deal was not thought off at all, especially for him. His scores have been consistent, but at the bottom of the passing list. I had placed a bet with his best friend, who is the topper, and due to the bet, I have had to shave off my manhood, which is my mustache.

The Dean was later heard saying that he would fail Alex in the finals, but the company has refuted this and said that they will be taking him anyways.

The Head Recruiter has said, “We were forced to take him after we rejected him in the first place. This young lad managed to trace our Facebook accounts and began bombarding us with Candy Crush requests even though we canceled them repeatedly. He has never stopped from sending requests, and we have an estimate that he sends at least 100 requests a day. Being blocked or abused or even being left alone doesn’t have an effect on him. Such marketing is what our company requires and we have also mentioned it to the institute. Alex will now set a new example in marketing and he will even play a large role in loan recovery.”

Alex, who was found in his room playing Candy Crush, said, “I’d told everyone that I would get the best package, and now I have it. I’d meant the package we get in Candy Crush, but this one will also do. Even during the exams, I was playing, and everyone warned me that I would fail. But Candy Crush is what got me this job. I am proud of myself and of the game.”

He later went on to ask our correspondent his details in order to send Candy Crush requests and our correspondent just managed to save his life from the insistent yet happy student.

IIM-A has announced that they will launch a new subject which will only involve spamming sending Candy Crush requests repeatedly to the same people.

With these announcements, various addicted passionate Candy Crush players have applied for top jobs in the marketing and banking sector. Meanwhile, the anger in the common man has increased as they face more Candy Crush requests per day.

PS: This post is not meant to hurt any Political, Religious, or gaming sentiments. It has just been written for entertainment and holds no truth in reality.

Credits: Google
Credits: Google


  1. very tired of looking at these play requests on fb...

  2. Seriously yaar, its so stupid :/
    Sending requests.. limitless requests.. Its equivalent to spamming, I say :P