Saturday, June 28, 2014

Debt That All Pay

I come in the day,
I come in the night,
I shall take you with me,
Even if you put up a fight.

Darkness I bring,
And sorrow too,
Be ready always,
‘Cause next maybe you.

A shadow I am,
A figure unseen,
You see just once,
May you be old or a teen.

There is no delay,
There isn’t a diversion,
I take what I choose,
There isn’t any substitution.

Many ways I have,
To crawl quietly in,
I can even jump in noisily,
But in taking you I will always win.

There’s no place to run,
Nor a place to hide,
This I my game alone,
So my rules you’ll have to abide.

I shall chase,
I shall follow,
Till the right day comes,
And you turn pale yellow.

Complete silence or,
Even a loud scream,
It won’t scare me at all,
Nor at night give me a bad dream.

You shall have your space,
As I will be far away,
But then I shall come,
To take the debt that all men pay.

There you shall rest,
And slow down will your breath,
Then my warm embrace,
The one you call as death.


  1. Nice composition and aptly described !

    1. Thank you Aziz...glad you liked it :D :)

  2. I hate death. I am afraid. Afraid of the vast silent solitude and the cessation of all that I was able to see, hear smell, taste and feel, once. Even though I do not know it for sure, even though there might me thousands who say that it will be a better place over there, I believe that it is infinite darkness. Darkness and nothing more. Hence, I love to live. I celebrate living. And hope that somehow I beat death one day, because it is never a crime to hope. And so I live silently but cherishing each moment.

    1. And amisdst all that, I forgot to say that this is a good poem... :D

    2. Me too. And glad you liked it Adithya :)

  3. Good description...

  4. The bitter truth!
    Good one, Karan :)

    1. Yes it is...
      Glad you liked it Aayesha :)